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    The Farwell-On-Water Community


APRIL 12-14 at F-O-K Studios

St. Paul Art Crawl

Experience the vibrant art scene at Farwell on Water this weekend! F-O-K Studios is participating in the St. Paul Art Crawl, featuring a lineup of talented musicians on the 3rd Floor Lounge & Stage.

  • Art Crawl
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Artist painting blue paint on a canvas
F-O-K Studios Logo
F-O-K Studios Logo
  • F-O-K Studios rendering
  • Man and woman viewing art in a gallery
F-O-K Studios Logo
Creative Spaces

F-O-K Studios

Located in Warehouse 2 and amassing over 50 studios, F-O-K Studios is St. Paul’s artist collective on the west bank of the Mississippi, housing vast and diverse artistic mediums.

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