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    Experience Farwell-on-Water


Farwell on Water submark
Farwell on Water submark

The Farwell Yard

W2 Works

F-O-K Studios

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The Farwell Yard

W2 Works

F-O-K Studios

Esox House logo
Welcome to Water St.

Located in the Farwell-on-Water Development

Nestled amidst the vibrant community of Farwell-on-Water, Esox House is located in the West Side Community of St. Paul, just south of Harriet Island on Water St West. Farwell-on-Water is a riverside creative community home to artists, professionals, and soon-to-be distinct dwellings.

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The Farwell Yard

More Than Just A Place to Live

At the heart of the Farwell On Water district lies the Farwell Yard: A spacious public plaza perfect for leisurely afternoons with friends, casual dining at the ground-level restaurant, and a variety of events open to the St. Paul local community.
The Farwell Yard Logo
  • Esox House Courtyard Rendering
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  • Group of friends clinking wine glasses while dining in restaurant
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History Meets Creativity

A Warehouse Reimagined

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Modern industrial conference room
Warehouse 2 Farwell building
Coworking space with laptop on table

Warehouse 2 is a historic six story, 1910-constructed, hardware manufacturing and warehouse building. Today, it has been transformed into a vibrant hub of art and entrepreneurship in the Farwell on Water district, housing F-O-K Studios and W2 Works. The building also offers tenants and nearby residents a storehouse for supplies and outdoor gear from Extra Space Storage.

Innovation Meets Legacy

Craft Your Career in Creative Spaces

W2 Works at Esox House reimagines the professional landscape, offering modern, creative workspaces where St. Paul’s visionaries come to thrive. To learn more about this hub of innovation, click the link below.

Artist painting blue paint on a canvas
F-O-K Studios Logo
F-O-K Studios Logo
  • F-O-K Studios rendering
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F-O-K Studios Logo
F-O-K Studios Logo
Creative Spaces

F-O-K Studios

Located in Warehouse 2 and amassing over 50 studios, F-O-K Studios is St. Paul’s artist collective on the west bank of the Mississippi, housing vast and diverse artistic mediums.

Creative Living Meets Outdoor Adventure
in St. Paul

In the heart of the West Side neighborhood, Esox House is steps from St. Paul’s vibrant culture. From the eclectic energy of the Lowertown Arts District and scenic bike paths along the Mississippi, to a plethora of music venues, museums, markets, and restaurants–it’s all within reach.

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  • Woman playing guitar at a concert in front of a crowd

    Lowertown Arts District

    A short trip across the Wabasha Street Bridge, the Lowertown Arts District offers a rich blend of art galleries, live music venues, diverse eateries, and cultural events amidst historic architecture.

  • Group of kayakers on the river

    Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

    Just steps from Esox House, explore hiking trails, enjoy birdwatching, engage in boating and fishing, or have a relaxing picnic by the river.

  • a young couple buying fruits and vegetables at a market

    St. Paul Farmers Market

    Every Saturday, the St. Paul Farmers Market in Downtown is a vibrant space for fresh produce, artisan goods, floral arrangements, and live entertainment.

  • Women riding bikes in a park

    Harriet Island Park

    Easily accessible from Esox, Harriet Island Park offers breathtaking views of the Mississippi, biking paths, outdoor events, and picturesque picnic spots.

  • Young diverse friends having a beer tasting

    Grand Avenue

    Explore unique shops, savor diverse dining options, and enjoy the historic charm of seasonal festivals on the iconic Grand Avenue, only a short walk away.

  • Dj playing live music at an outdoor festival

    Music and Sports Venues

    Xcel Energy Center, CHS Field, and the Ordway Center nearby offer a plethora of live music concerts, sporting events, and Broadway shows.

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Experience Esox House

Step Into Your New Chapter

Discover the perfect blend of history, creativity, and vibrant living at Esox House.

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